city to do lists

Everytime a friend emails me and says “Hey Karen, I remember reading that you went to “x” city/country, please can you give me tips etc.”, I have to haul out an old journal or look through my photos to bring back the detailed memories, rather than just hazy smiling memories of happiness. So now I thought I would start compiling a “must do” list for various cities that stand out so clearly in my memory. And also suggestions on great places to stay.

Hope it helps xx

  1. Cape Town (South Africa): First on my list because it’s my home town, so it’s the closet city to my heart. I hope you love it as much as I do. ❤
  2. Two week road trip from Cape Town to Coffee Bay (South Africa): Two of my friends came to visit South Africa, so I made this trip for them to do in the limited time they had, so that they could see as much of South Africa’s beautiful coastal towns as possibly. They had an amazing time, so I think that this little itinerary is worth being published 🙂
  3. 9 Careless things to do in and around Cairns (Australia): In and around the vicinity of Cairns. My friend Hayley and I spent three months working on a banana farm in this region, and so we definitely got to see a lot of things in the area.
  4. Golden Triangle (India): Things that we saw in our limited time exploring Rajasthan.

Tell me what you think :)

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