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Click here to see my lovely Travel Map at Travellerspoint. It’s still a work in progress. So many places I’ve been that I still need to add (mainly Europe). Still so many more places to see. Travelling makes me happiest.

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Spanish Summer

I thought it was about time I posted about another of my past trips (seeming I’m still itching and waiting for my next adventure).

In the European summer of 2009, I had one of those stupid melt down things when my boyfriend and I broke up. And so.. I just packed up and went on a little tour by myself. My friend Roxy was on summer holiday at her Dad’s place in El Escorial, just outside of Madrid, and she invited me to join her there. We spent a couple days lounging about in the sun and having some time with her family, and then, we booked ourselves  onto a flight to Barcelona for a few days of adventure.

There is sooooo much amazing architecture to see in Barcelona, and given that I was busy with my degree in Architecture at the time, I was overwhelmed. Lets start with the airport! Barajas International Airport Terminal 4. designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers. No words are needed. Photos should suffice.

We booked ourselves into a hostel, and made some new friends there. Two beautiful ballerina’s, two innocent American’s, and a Spanish girl travelling alone. And together we explored Barcelona.

We went to Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and pretty much all the other Gaudi buildings. Somehow we missed out on seeing the Barcelona Pavillion. It still plagues me that I never saw it. But we did go watch Spanish dancing, and wander through the streets at crazy hours, and go on a pub crawl, and pretty much just had fun exploring and eating in random little places, and just being free and happy.

This was quite awhile back, so forgive me for the vague post. But one thing I do have to say… If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, and you’re looking to go to the beach, the main beach there is quite average, and a bit dirty. But… ask a local how you can catch the train to a place called Sitges, grab a baguette and something to put on it, grab some drinks, and wander through the little alleys, until you find yourself on the beach front. You will be most rewarded by what you find.