3 months probation!

3 months probation! It’s not what you think. it’s the good kind of probation.

I’ve now been at my job for almost 3 months. What defines 3 months to you? When I look back, 3 months to me equals 3 horribly difficult, soul numbing months of banana farming in Australia. 3 months was just under half of my trip through South America. 3 months can drag by, or it can fly by, depending on what you’re doing. But this time, the 3 months have flown by,  3 months of probation at my new job, and at the end of this month we will (hopefully) sign my permanent contract.

So, what has been happening in the past 3 months (other than me neglecting my blog)?

Well, to summarise…

  • I’m now working at an amazing company, following my passion (and all my time spent at university) for design and interior spaces. The company takes us on lots of incentive trips, and networking functions. I was lucky enough to go to Sodwana Bay (on the far East Coast of South Africa, almost on the border of Mozambique!), on a 4 day scuba diving trip with the company. I’ve never dived before. I had a failed attempt previously on the Great Barrier Reef, I couldn’t equalise, and it was all too rushed. This time though, I managed to do a dive introduction course, and a beautiful tandem sea dive. Flopping over the back of the boat in the middle of the ocean, submerging down, equalising, equalising, equalising. I had the most amazing instructor. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And then, you are so deep under the ocean, and it’s just beautiful. Next challenge is to actually get my Open Water Diving license, it’s on my list of 35 things to do before I’m 35, but now it’s a priority! 


  • My birthday has come and gone. I’m now 28 years old. Some days I still feel childish and youthful. Other days I feel like a nagging old wife. I’m looking for balance. I think I need to start yoga classes. Steven’s birthday has also passed. Both were well celebrated with family and friends. The way they should be. 


  • We’ve moved house! My mom and I have moved from the one end of Cape Town to the other. It’s her house. Next year I’m hoping to buy my own house in the same area. Cross fingers and toes for me. The new house is in an area called Sunningdale. It’s real suburbia, and all my architectural training tells me against it, but you know what, it’s so SAFE! In South Africa, that’s the biggest priority. The houses are all new. It’s close to the beach. And it’s lovely.
  • And of course, it goes without saying…there’ve been a few parties, lots of hike and dog walks, dinners with friends, all the usual stuff to make a human smile. 


And in very short summary… thats about it.

Future adventures… what’s in store?

Initially, we were meant to go to Thailand to teach English. That got canned when I got offered my current job. It was a no brainer decision.

Then the plans was to reuse the Thailand flights to go to Nepal in December. But now with the sadness that has happened in Nepal with all the Earthquakes, it wouldn’t be safe for us to go there.

And so… December will finally finally finally be the trip to India that I’ve been craving for so many years. 3 weeks in India. 3 weeks of complete happiness. Please give me tips and advice for India. I can’t even begin to describe my excitement!!!!

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