City to do lists: 2 week trip from Cape Town to Coffee Bay

My friend Hayley (British), came to visit me in South Africa. After backpacking together for 6 months, I know pretty much what she likes and dislikes. We spent 2 weeks exploring Cape Town together, and then I sent her and another friend, Braden (Canadian) off on a two week trip from Cape Town to Coffee Bay. Because they had limited time before Hayley flew back to England, we had to fit a lot in for them in that time. So I made them a plan of action, and it goes a little something like this:

2014-10-26 10.02.51



Hayley said they stuck to it, and even had a few people joining them on the plan. I know its not always fun to plan, and rather to just go with the flow, but if you have limited time, and a lot to tick off, this plan worked pretty well for them.

If they had’ve had more time, they would’ve done the first week a bit slower as it was quite tiring moving along on a daily basis.  They would’ve spent more time in Oudtshoon as the hostel there was apparently amazing. They would’ve also loved to go to Cintsa too, and also to spend more time at Addo Elephant park, looking for  more animals. They also would’ve enjoyed having more time in Hogsback and Coffee Bay. But as time was limited, they said it was perfect.


If anyone wants to use this as a guideline, feel free. And enjoy 🙂


Some useful links include:

Baz Bus (good way for backpackers to get around in South Africa) –

Greyhound Bus –

Coffee Shack (hostel in Coffee Bay) –

Away with the Fairies (hostel in Hogsback) –

Backpackers Paradise (hostel in Oudtshoorn) –

Bungee Jumping in Storms River –


Tell me what you think :)

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