Time to unpack my backpack…

The boring stuff: To summarise the end of my time in Australia… Hayley and I worked in Dingo, Australia for three months, and it was an interesting experiences to say the least: from baby kangaroos to light aircrafts filling up at the service station, a town with  a  population of 56 people, one dingy pub with no ambiance in the slightest, lots of hours spent cooking burgers for truck drivers in the roadhouse, mopping kitchen floors, but most importantly at this stage (at the end of a year of travels), we were saving money. I know money isn’t everything in the world, and I try my best to live with only the necessities,but in order to come home and happily settle my feet back down on the sandy shores of Cape Town before starting to look for a job here, money is a necessity!

After leaving Dingo, I flew to Sydney and spent a night with my friend Veronica. And then it was time for the lonnnnggg flight home. Sydney to Bangkok. Bangkok to Dubai. Dubai to Cape Town. THANK GOODNESS FOR VALIUM. And next thing I knew it, I was  home.

It’s been over a year since I was getting ready to leave on the most epic adventure of my life. I worked and traveled my way through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and then…Australia and I met some incredibly amazing humans along the way. The wanderlust is still there and the adventures will never end, but now it’s time to place my feet firmly back in Cape Town where I can have sandy toes and salty kisses every day. My backpack is unpacked and I actually have a cupboard now (although its still pretty empty). Hopefully I will find myself a job in travel, where I can still live vicariously through others, and share my love and passion for travel with them.  Don’t worry world, I will still see the rest of you. But South Africa, I am home. It feels so good to be back. xx

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