Moving to a town called Dingo

To be done with banana farming is a dream come true. We left Innisfail rapidly and happily and headed off to Cairns for a couple of days at Lex’s house (our home away from home). After our final weekend of drinking ample bottles of red wine and doing a final shop of all our necessities, we headed off on a week long road trip down the East Coast of Australia, from Cairns to Rockhampton, and from there, we then inland to a tiny little blip on the map called Dingo: our new home for the next 3 months.

backpacking with kermit

backpacking with kermit

On our mini roadtrip, we managed to spend copious amounts (as in every last cent) of our hard earned Australian Dollars. It started with a bus ride to Townsville, followed by a wild night on the town on a random Tuesday night, dancing with the bouncer of the club after it had closed. We then dragged our hungover bodies onto a ferry to Magnetic Island where we managed to spend 90% of our time curled up in our tent feeling very sorry for ourselves. We took another bus ride, and ended up in a beautiful beachside town called Airlie Beach, filled with backpackers and happy vibes. Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsundays. Picture beautiful clear blue waters, snorkeling around reefs that will blow your mind and sand whiter and finer than your toes can describe. We did an ocean rafting day trip out to the Whitsundays, with an all you can eat buffet included. The waters off the East Coast of Australia really are something to marvel at. It’s a strange but great feeling having huge fish swimming and swirling around you from all sides, as interested in you, as you are of them.

The Whitsundays

The Whitsundays

It is bad that Hayley and I do it, but we continuously compare traveling in Australia, to traveling in other countries. It is just so different here in comparison to our previous trips in South America. Australia is obviously a first world country, and well, that makes traveling here a bit boring. There is no language barrier or risk of danger (not that I ever want danger to come my way), but there is just no challenge in traveling here. It’s all just so easy. Get a job, make money, and then proceed to spend the money very quickly because traveling in Australia is just too expensive. I would never have been able to see any of Australia if I had of come here on money I’d earned from a salary I earned at home back in South Africa.

… And now, we are happily working in a tiny town called Dingo, where the population is 56 people. There is a pub, the roadhouse and a general store. We live in a share house with a British guy and a Canadian guy, and next door there are more backpackers, a British couple and a Dutch couple. The work is easy, the shifts fly by, we get paid really well, our bank balances are shooting up, and we are happy here until the end of September. Life is good.

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