no more bananas

The past 3 months of living in Innisfail and working on a banana farm have probably been the shittiest 3 months of my life. It’s been a roller coaster of squished rats, spider bites, cockroaches, frogs, rat piss and long hours of physical labour, working side by side with the stinkiest Frenchman of all time. To top it all off, I have also been living in one of the worst towns I’ve ever traveled to, in a hostel that I probably wouldn’t recommend to anybody else, ever. The job on the banana farm has been by far the worst job I have ever had (so far), but it has also been the job that I have been most scared to lose. This job, doing 3 months of regional work, enables me to extend my working holiday visa in Australia by an extra year.

We are finally done farming, I’ve graduated from Banana High, and we have left Innisfail! Woohoo. Now it’s time to remember the joys of traveling, wandering, sandy toes, and being free again. In saying that though, we have had some pretty amazing experiences since we’ve been here. We’ve survived a cyclone. We’ve had a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef  for a day filled with diving, snorkelling, underwater scooter rides and helicopter rides too.  We’ve been to a beautiful seaside town called Russel Heads. I’ve popped off to Sydney and Canberra for a week to go cast my vote in the South African elections and catch up with friends. Our weekends have also included trips to Mission beach, Port Douglas, Etty Bay, Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders and a long winding drive through the Atherton Tablelands.

So, although the bad still probably outweighs the good up here in Northern Queensland, I’ve achieved a lot, and it’s all been done to be eligible for an extension to my working holiday visa for Australia by an extra year, all in the longterm goal of travels. Mission accomplished and I’m proud of myself for sticking it out.
…and now its onwards to our next adventure: a week of traveling down the coast  from Cairns to Rockhamptown and thereafter, we’re off to our next job at a roadhouse in an even tinier town than Innisfail, a little town called DINGO!!!

Tell me what you think :)

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