birthdays and other weekends


Banana farming is not for the faint hearted. My heart might be faint. Everyday while I am working, my mind is in a spin. Why am I doing this???? The money is great, 3 months of this regional work and my working visa for Australia gets extended by a 2nd year. All the right reasons. TRAVEL! But still, my mind is starting to doubt that that is enough.  I hate every moment of every day here. I’m in week 7 now, with 8 more weeks to go after this. Only 8. I’m almost half way already. But still… sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it.

Why am I doing this????

The town of Innisfail, where all of this farming takes place, is really small, and not much happens here. I spent my 27th birthday here a few weekends ago. I can’t believe I’m 27 already. Where have the years gone, and what have I got to show for it? Is it weird that I’m starting to question life differently now that I’m in my LATE 20’s? The birthday wasn’t too bad though, I guess that if your expectations are really really beyond low, then anything above that will seem good. So yup, my birthday was alright, I survived it.

On most weekends, Hayley and I tend to try get away, even if just for one night. The easiest is to go to Cairns.  And boy do we have some crazy adventures in Cairns.

map of the coast where we are currently living

On one of those weekends of escaping, Hayley and I headed to Cairns with Tom, a boy she met from Townsville (another town along this coast), and his friend Josh (who was a complete nutter, but anyway). They rented a lovely hotel room for us at the Shangri-La hotel, and because they’re Aussies, money isn’t a problem. We had our hotel room, they paid for our drinks and our entrance to about a million different nightclubs, they drove us to and from Innisfail. Living the dream. Another two of their friends joined us too (A guy called Lex, and then some random girl whose name I already cannot remember) and we all just proceeded to have an incredibly messy night on the town. Normally when we travel with other backpackers to Cairns, we only head to this one club that we know of, called Gilligan’s, and it’s just so terrible I can’t bare it. But with these guys, they took us to a bunch of different places, which made it so much more fun. It felt like real travelling again. At last. Such a great weekend of just being silly with a bunch of new friends.

Weekends like these help us to get through another week of banana farming, and thats just what we do, slowly tick of the weeks, try save a bit of money, and just get through it all as best as possible.

Tell me what you think :)

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