most memorable and magical moments

A summary of the most memorable moments of my adventure through South America (in no particular order of importance, simply memories that stand out)


1. Climbing up to Machu Pichu at 4h30am on the most boiling hot day of all time, to be rewarded by the magical experience of the Incan ruins and a day of complete happiness and understanding of what I am doing with my life. (Peru)

2. Hitch hiking with Hayley from Mompiche to Manta with a drug dealer called Juan Pablo. I wrote a whole blog post on this, so I don’t really need to expand on it, but this entire 24 hours of madness with Hayley were some of my favourite memories, all piled into one day of hysterical giggles. (Ecuador)

3. Farming in San Rafael was a calming and gratifying experience. Sam and I worked really hard and spent our time learning a lot about both farm work and our inner selves. (Argentina)

4. The Sunday San Telmo market in Buenos Aires was just a day that stands out in my head for being a happy day, wondering the streets alone, peaceful, and buying gifts for my family back home. Nothing special happened on this day, just the day itself was special. (Argentina)

5. Working at the Loki hostel in Mancora for a month was a mad, crazy, loco, extreme, non stop partying adventure, but it brought me friends that will be friends for life. We became a family. And an amazing family it was. That place truly feels like a dysfunctional second home. (Peru)

6. The Salt Flats in Uyuni. I’m sure you’ve all read countless blogs and articles about theses Salt Flats. No words can describe the vast bright expanse of beauty. Its a true must on any person’s journey in South America. (Bolivia)

7. The time I checked out of the Loki hostel in La Paz 5 days in a row, but never managed to actually leave. I guess, for me, a lot of my most enjoyable moments haven’t been about the sites I’ve seen, or the countries I’ve been able to tick off on my personal World map, it’s been about the people I have met along the way. Every memory I think of, I think of the people that I’ve been enjoying the moments with. The reason I stayed in Loki La Paz for so long was because I felt at home there. I made really cool friends there. And one particular Canadian boy kept convincing me to re-check in each day, and I guess I kind’ve just got stuck there, happy stuck. There’s no one telling me to rush anywhere, and so, I stayed right there where I was happy. (Bolivia)

8. Adventurous bus rides with Hayley. Let’s just say that every time this girl and I get on any form of public transport together, we’re in for a joyride. Everything always goes wrong, out bad luck combined is frightening but..we giggle through it, come out alive, and have magical tales to tell. Thank goodness her and I never shared a bus ride in Bolivia though. Bolivia bus’ are by far the most scary of bus rides anywhere ever, so if Hayley and I went together, with our bad luck, I don’t even want to think of the experience we would’ve had! (Ecuador and Peru)

9. The first time I stood up while surfing…

10. The day I flew home…


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