the tales of my bad bus luck continue…

After New Years Eve, our little family all got a bus together to Baños. I don’t seem to be having the best of luck with bus rides lately.

This bus ride was meant to be a direct bus for without any stops, just a bus filled with traveller’s all moving from one destination to the next. After about an hour on our journey, the bus was pulled over by the police as it was found to be missing a certain license. It was therefore prohibited that that bus with that driver could take us to our destination. One of the policemen hopped into the driver’s seat and attempted to drive the bus to the nearest bus terminal, with a convoy of police cars surrounding us. Of course this man was incapable of driving a bus, and so the bus shuddered and jerked along for a couple meters before the policeman gave up and put the bus driver back on his throne. We were taken to the nearest bus terminal, where we were left to cuddle up on the floor and try sleep/keep warm for 3 hours. Eventually at 3am the bus terminal opened and there was a lot of commotion, all in Spanish of course, with people trying to figure out what was happening and how we would be getting to our next destination and who would be paying for it. Some kind souls translated for us. The police didn’t want to refund us our tickets or pay for our new ones. But with lots of kicking and screaming, the police eventually agreed to put us onto another bus to a big bus station called Guayacil. There we were swopped onto another bus to the middle of nowhere and from there we were finally swopped onto a bus to Baños. By the time we arrived, we were all pretty exhausted. We went to a recommended hostel and were turned away because they didn’t have space for 6 of us. On to a dingy motel and found ourself in rooms, in beds, fast asleep for the rest of the day. We went out for a lovely dinner, then back to bed.
The following day, Elle and I split from the group. They went canyoning and doing all sorts of cool things. Elle and I were both bed bound by a lovely never ending stomache big. That evening we decided to join the others on a little gander to the hot springs. I should’ve learnt my lesson from my previous hot springs experience back in Peru. Picture this. It’s rainy and icy cold (a vast contrast to the heat in Montanita). The hot springs are filled with locals. We all have swimming caps on. The water is dirty. A collection of people’s hair, in the form of a nice hair ball, casually wraps it’s way around my hand. I was out of there in no time. We headed home. Got some dinner. Back to bed.
The following day was a better day. We went and swung off the edge of the world. I remember seeing a blog post about it a few years back and then there I was, swinging happily from the tree house at the edge of the world. In the afternoon we got a bus to Quito without any complications. Things were looking up. Hello Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Tell me what you think :)

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