Mancora Madess

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been hanging out in the little beach town of Mancora in the very North of Peru. Everyone moans that the water is cold, but they know nothing until they’ve felt the icy shores of Cape Town. The water temperature is in-between that of Durban and the Cape, so probably Port Elizabeth temperature. For me, it is perfect. Every morning, I woke up and went to swim in the sea, to wash away the festivities from the night before. Every night there was a big party at the hostel.


In the days, I work, 4 times a week, 7 hours a shift at the Loki Hostel in Mancora. It’s more of a resort than a hostel. People don’t even need to leave the hostel because it provides you with everything you need. Working at this got me free accommodation in the crazy staff room, more commonly known as “the jungle”. The jungle is one of two staff rooms and is the wilder of the two. There are always people coming in and out, partying in the dorm after the bar closes. It’s barely possible to see the floor because everybody’s stuff if just strewn across it. There is graffiti and love notes written on all the walls. It’s so dark in there and the lights are so useless and the window faces a dark alley. I have to use my phone light to try get into my locker to find my belongings. All my stuff is neatly thrown into my locker and locked away. My personal mess. Words cannot describe this place. It is crazy and frustrating and amazing and some of the best weeks I’ve had in my life. Everyone that works there is amazing and we’re a big happy family. People work, then leave, and new people come, but it’s always family.  I also get free breakfast and one other free meal a day, plus 40% off any other food or drinks I buy. I lived their pretty cheaply for three weeks and it’s been a wild ride of so much fun and happiness, but after three weeks of this wild lifestyle, I’m done and happy to move on.
Christmas was spent at the hostel, then on the night of the 26th December, I got a bus to Montanita in Ecuador with a Kiwi friend, Elle. I thought that the border crossing was going to be scary, but it turned out to be easy as pie. We planned to head straight up to Medellin for New Years in Colombia, but last minute we changed out minds and decided to meet up with a bunch of other friends in Montanita in Ecuador instead. I would never have ever thought that I’d spend a New Years Eve in Ecuador.
And that’s all the news for now…
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. xx

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