…and while everyone else is at rocking the daisies

Pretty much everybody I know is at the most epic music festival that South Africa has to offer. It is called “Rocking the Daisies”. If my time difference calculations are accurate, Alt-J ∆ is busy performing for thousands of very happy people right now. So my contribution to the festivities is to sit here in Córdoba (Argentina) with my daisy headband on and watch various Alt-J ∆ Live sets on YouTube. It’s as close as I can get to the real thing. But anyway, who needs FOMO. I’m living the dream right here, right now.

We have one week left in Córdoba, and then we are hitting the road to further our travels. Córdoba is a student city and considering that there are seven Universities in the town, there are ample young people around and the nightlife is always great. During the day, the city itself is a bit of a dud. The colonial buildings and mass amounts of churches are beautiful to see, but the main reason to come to this city is to use it as a base and then take day outings to various towns in the surrounding Sierras. It’s been a great stay here and Turning Point Hostel has become our pseudo-family. We will definitely miss them, but at the same time, we’re both rather excited to move on to new experiences. We’ve got a 13 hour bus trip ahead of us to San Rafael (Argentina) where we will be working on a farm at the foot of the Andes. On the farm we will be helping out with gardening, going horse-riding, helping out with their Eco-Project, and always, everywhere, no matter what, trying to learn Spanish.

It’s now almost (only) been one month since we set off on this journey. Still so many great things coming our way. Life is perfect. Wanderlust.


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