Feeling Restless

The intention was to stay in Córdoba for a month. So far, we have been here for just over 2 weeks. I (Karen) am starting to get restless. These itchy feet of mine are begging me to take them to the beach. From spending evenings watching the sun go down at home on Glenn Beach or walking my dogs at Hout Bay beach, my toes are pretty well acquainted with sea sand. Now it’s been three weeks of sea sand deprivation. Life is tough right?

I’m starting to consider the possibilities of leaving here a bit earlier. What are the protocol’s with leaving a host hostel earlier than anticipated? Does anyone have any ideas?

Córdoba has been great to us. The hostel where we’ve been working has become a family of sorts. Sam, myself, Gabi (from Columbia) and Eugene (from Canada), spend endless days lazing around the hostel, drinking tea, eating far to many delicious empanadas, and drinking copious amounts of wine and beer. Every once in awhile we go on a day outing somewhere. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. But I’m on this epic trip, and I need to make the most of it. I feel as if Córdoba and I need to go our separate way.

We have actually done a fair amount while we’ve been here, and I’ve learnt quite a few new skills too.

Fredy (a Columbian guy that works at the hostel) has made me my very own Quena, which is a traditional Incan flute. It’s a huge gesture on his part and I am blown away with his generosity. It is said that if you can play the Quena, you can control your soul. I’m well on my way in learning to play it. It will be quite a significant personal achievement to be able to play it well. On the funny side, everyone thinks I will make so much money if I can play it, busking around town playing this traditional Incan flute with my ditsy blonde hair and fair skin and very poor Spanish skills.

I’ve also learnt the basics of Macramé. We’ve been to a trance party in the Spiritual centre of Argentina in a town called Capilla del Monte. I’ve gone to a beautiful Alpine village called La Cumbrecita, which is situated at about 1450 meters above sea level in the middle of the wood and is said to be the town that inspired the setting for the Disney Movie Bambi. I’ve even had a little bit of a holiday romance. Yet still my feet are itching.

Soon enough, Sam and I will be sitting on the beach in Peru, braiding wraps into the hair of tourists, selling my Macramé jewellery, playing the Quena (and hopefully surfing a bit too). Aah, those are the days I am dreaming about and itching for.

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