The Simple Life in South America

So much has changed since my last post. As of a month ago, I was taking leave from work and heading off to Namibia to go visit my good friend Jaco, and have some time out from the madness of Cape Town, and planning my trip to India in December. While in Namibia, I made a huge life changing decision, one that has been playing on my mind for awhile now.

As soon as I got home to Cape Town, I quit my job, and decided to sell up all my stuff, cancel my India trip, and go on a wild adventure through South America with my friend Sam…I’m just going to South America indefinitely.

I’ve always read of people doing crazy things like this, and now I’M DOING IT!! My family and friends have been very supportive of my choice even though I have no actual plans set at all from the moment I touch down in Buenos Aires. But that’s all part of the journey.

The intention is to go work on organic farms, help build and learn more about sustainable houses, learn about permaculture, work in hostels, couch surf between towns, learn Spanish, learn to surf (finally!!), and just stop conforming to this 8-5 lifestyle which drains my soul. The incredibly vague idea is that we will be exploring Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, maybe Ecuador, and wherever else the wind takes us. Nothing is set in stone. This is a journey like no other.

So, 2 weeks to go before we leave. Any advice? Any ideas of how to actually make money (not just save money) as we travel? Any good places to go? Anyone we can come stay at? I AM SO EXCITED!! I think I should probably organise a little fairwell party for myself…


  1. First of all…..How can you leave of Colombia. You MUST go to Colombia. You will love it. I would direct you to my blogs on Colombia but everything I wrote is lost before I had the chance to post it….but dont skip Colombia. Peru is absolutely beautiful too. As for making money on travels…Iḿ constantly thinking of ways….main way so far is being creative and making jewelleries or food and snacks for people to eat around beach towns etc. If you think of any other ways, let me know 🙂


    • Sounds amazing!! I was meant to go to India in dec (a pre planned trip), so time in South America was limited. But now I’ve cancelled that and am staying in South America for mucchhhhh longer. Therefore Columbia will happen! Probably only early next year, but it’s now officially on my to do list 🙂 I will be hitting you up for advice when I get there. 🙂 happy travels


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