Just a casual Saturday in Cape Town

beautiful girl

I’ve recently become very close friends with an Australian girl that works on the yachts for a living, Bec. She’s wise beyond her words, travelled extensively, and is just such a fun happy person to be around.  She’s said to me that Cape Town reminds me a lot of her home in Melbourne. Also busy, always up to something, always having fun.

Cape Town is such an incredible place and we are really spoilt by all the opportunities it provides.  On this particular Saturday , we went for tattoos and then a happy afternoon of having drinks and festivities 🙂 Aaah Cape Town, you really do spoil us.

I went with my best friend Candy, to get her second tattoo done. There’s this epic new tattoo studio called Hard Rock Ink Asylum and they’ve got a special on today where all the money they make from tattooing today, they’re donating to DARG animal rescue. So that is where we are.


My Lady Bug Tattoo

Last weekend I got a ladybug tattoo and my wanderlust tattoo at this same studio, but no more for me today. At the moment, I have a total of three… and about 4 more I’m dying to get! But today is about Candy, and her tattoo… 🙂

Candy's new ink

Candy’s new ink

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